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After a very busy few weekends spent packing boxes, moving house, and then unpacking said boxes, I haven’t been out much. Last weekend was the first one in weeks where I could relax, so a well deserved beer was on the cards.

I was first introduced to Purity ales at last year’s Birmingham Independent Food Fair, and I’ve had my eye on Pure Bar & Kitchensince it opened, so I headed over there to…

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A French Kiss: Edmunds Restaurant

A French Kiss: Edmunds Restaurant

If there is one person in my life who knows the best gifts to buy me, it has to be my aunt. My birthday gift from her and my uncle this year was a meal for two at Edmunds French fine dining restaurant in Brindleyplace. I think it’s fair to say I was thrilled with this, and I felt much the same about the meal itself.

I arrived with the other half for a late lunch, the restaurant was quiet so the…

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The Great British Tag

The Great British Tag

The lovely Charlotte over at A Much Prettier Puzzle has introduced me to the Great Brisith Tag, so you have her to thank for this post!

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day? + How many sugars?

I’m a massive tea fan, so I have about 4 – 6 cups every day. A good old fashioned strong English Breakfast normally, Earl Grey when I’m feeling civilised. Always without sugar though, why spoil it? I…

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Le déjeuner délicieux

Working in Brindleyplace, I’m constantly surrounded by food & drink. I start deciding what to eat for lunch at 9am as I’m making my way into the office, but as much choice as there is on my doorstep, sometimes its good to venture out.

Today I had the pleasure of getting lunch at Madeleine on level 7 of The Cube, a stones throw from my office and well worth the walk.

The atmosphere is relaxed and…

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Restaurant Review: Chung Ying Central

Dim Sum, according to Chung Ying Centralowner James Wong, originates from an ancient Chinese love story. The Emperor would lay on lavish feasts for his concubine, and when she expressed concern over her expanding waistline, the Emperor ordered his chefs to create tiny but beautiful dishes to satisfy her. When he presented them to her, he said “these are little pieces of my heart I give to you”…

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Restaurant Review: Bun & Bowl

Restaurant Review: Bun & Bowl

After the fantastic launch event I was invited to a few weeks ago, Bun & Bowl, Birmingham’s only Burger and Shrimp restaurant, invited me back for the full-size experience. Of course I was happy to oblige, so I headed over last Friday after work to sample the delights of their entire menu.

We arrived at 7, where it was quiet but welcoming, and straight away we were seated by the huge windows with…

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Wych Brew Are You?

A sunny weekend can only mean two things. Beer. Garden.

Luckily for me, last weekend was a scorcher and the good folks at Wychwood Brewery had sent me some of their ales to try while I enjoyed the sunshine on my patio.

I like to think of myself as a beer connoisseur. What that really means is, I enjoy drinking it, and I certainly enjoyed sampling these 3 offerings from Wychwood. The first, and probably most well-known of the 3, was Hobgoblin. A staple of any good ale joint and a perfect example of Wychwood’s fantasy themed personality and quality craft beer. Hobgoblin is a Ruby beer with a toffee note, a refreshing bitterness and a hint of fruit. It’s not the sort of beer you swill willy nilly, it’s 5.2% abv and complex flavour means it’s one to be savoured.

The next on my list was Imperial Red. Slightly lower abv at 4.7% and with a sweet, malty taste, this one went down a treat, but my favourite had to be the Black Wych. At 5% abv it packs a punch, but with a real smoothness. This porter style beer has a rich, chocolatey flavour, a hint of caramel aftertaste and just enough bitterness that it doesn’t become sickly.

If you enjoy something a bit different than your average watery lager, then I recommend giving Wychwood Brewery a go. With a wide range of permanent ales, monthly seasonal specials and a Lord of the Rings-esque image, their unique style and flavours are a hit with me. Long live the Black Wych!


Bun & Bowl

So this week I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch night of Bun & Bowl, a brand new Burger and Shrimp restaurant on level 7 of The Cube.

I turned up just after the 6pm start time and the place was already buzzing. Andy Sax was playing live, the complimentary champagne was flowing and there was a good selection of food doing the rounds. The interior was stylish but casual, so you felt comfortable coming in straight from work, and the open kitchen was a really nice touch.

Straight away we were offered a Shrimp Bloody Mary with a spicy prawn artfully balanced on the celery salted rim of a shot glass, with Spicy Bloody Mary inside. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it was really good! The prawns were cooked to perfection and really tender, with just enough spice to be tasty without being hot.

Next up were Oriental Express prawns, marinated in ginger, garlic, lemongrass & coriander, they were absolutely gorgeous. Again, grilled to perfection and so tasty. In fact they were so good I had to have 2!

Then the burgers started arriving…

These little beauties were so popular we had to re-position ourselves closer to the kitchen to ensure we got a taste of everything, but it was so worth it. We had mini Naked Chicken burgers with tender, marinated chicken and mini Naked Beef Burgers with succulent beef, seasoned to perfection. Even the buns were fantastic, with a crispy glaze and soft, chewy interior. We were also treated to maple glazed bacon on skewers, which I can say with conviction, were like meat candy!! Then we also got to dive into huge bowls of the most amazing sweet potato fries and Bun & Bowl’s spicy wedges with sour cream topping.

The other thing about this place is the staff. Everyone was so friendly, interacting with customers, making conversation, ensuring everyone was happy and their drinks were topped up, even the owner Mike Nayla was there chatting to customers and enjoying the evening. 

All in all it was a brilliant launch night with a great atmosphere. The burgers really are something special, and the prawns were that good I will definitely coming back for the full size versions!

C x

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